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The backstory


We have been asked before what the RSL in RSL Hardwoods stands for. To be honest, if you don’t know the history of the owner, Tim Liby, it is a little confusing, but we are here to clear that up!  One of the reasons why Tim loves lumber and working with wood is because of his dad. His dad was an amazing woodworker and craftsman, and his name was Robert (Bob) Steven Liby.

Robert Steven Liby … RSL (it’s coming together now, isn’t it). Robert, by the way, means bright light — remember that for later.

When Tim was young, he watched his father work with wood and he assisted his dad on jobs whenever he could. In 1994, Bob was injured and developed Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Bob continued work with wood in the shop they had on their property as long as he could, but in 2001, he passed away due to complications from MS.

Bob was a wise and funny soul who instilled in his children a love for creating things and he loved the color blue. In Tim, he instilled a love for working with wood and a dream to own his own business that specialized in woodworking and lumber. In 2014, part of that dream was realized when Tim began creating furniture under the business name of RSL Custom Furnishings. In 2018, Tim opened RSL Hardwoods, and that dream from his father was fully realized.

To say that it has been eventful owning his own business would be an understatement, but it has also been one of the most exciting and rewarding things Tim has ever done!  He absolutely loves meeting customers, connecting with people and working with lumber. It has been a blessing and a joy, and God has provided for Tim and his family through this amazing venture — and they are so thankful!  In that spirit of thanks, they wanted to give back to something near and dear to their hearts.

Remember how Robert means “bright light” and that he loved the color blue?  We have revamped our logo a bit to reflect Bob’s influence on Tim’s life (he was the bright light behind Tim’s love for all things wood) and have had these special edition sweatshirts created to honor Bob’s love and influence.

We will be donating all of the proceeds from these sweatshirts to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS). The NMSS has a bold vision: a world free of MS. That a vision we can get behind!  They work to achieve this vision by supporting the research of MS and donating to the healthcare and empowerment of those diagnosed with MS. These sweatshirts are the same brand and quality that we have offered in the past, so we know you will love them, and purchasing one will have a direct impact on the MS community, which is something we love.

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